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The following question and answer section would help you to better understand the product. 


What is the FIDO Momo Agent Service?

The FIDO Momo Agent Service is designed to meet the e-cash liquidity challenge for

 agents to serve customers even when they run out of e cash and without wasting time to rebalance their wallet.

How do I access the service?

One time registration involving the following documentation are all that is needed to have full access to the service: Ghana Card, Selfie, Form 3, Certificate of Incorporation, and Shareholder Information (Beneficial Owner Profile / Constitution).  

What are the minimum and maximum amounts involved?

You can receive a minimum of GHs 1500 and a maximum of GHs 5000

What are the fees involved?

A service fee of GHc 20 and an interest of 0.4% per day for the first loan and 0.37% per day for your second and subsequent loans. 

What is the amount of money to be paid back?

You would pay the amount you requested, the service fee and the interest at the end of number of days that you have selected. 

How do I pay back the money?

You would pay your e-cash to the agent number 0598603921 using the following steps:

  • Dial: *171#

  • Select: Pay To

  • Select: Agent

  • Enter mobile number: 0598603921

  • Enter Amount: 0.00

  • Enter Reference: Client ID

  • Enter Pin Code: _ _ _ _

Can I get access to cash instead of e-cash?

No, our service is an e-cash only transaction. 

When do I need to pay back the amount?

All transactions are to be paid by the due date that is selected when the loan is being requested. We allow early repayment. Kindly call this number 0244338919 to get your current repayment amount. 

All loans have a minimum duration of 10 days and a maximum duration of 30 days. 

How long can I take the loan for?

Can I apply for multiple requests?

Once you pay back the first transaction, a request can be made another e-cash amount. 

What happens if i do not pay off the received amount?

A fixed late payment fee of GHc 22 and daily interest penalty of 0.533% is applied to the amount that was made available to you. A report would be made to the required Credit Bureau and Telco to inform them of the indebtedness. 

Can I change my wallet number after initial registration?

Yes you can, However, you would need to go through the registration process once again for our team to authenticate you. 

Can I submit a transaction statement from a wallet number different from the wallet number in my loan application form?

No you cannot do that. All transactions are reviewed and linked to the wallet number that would be submitted during registration. 

What should I do if I am rejected for the service?

You can reach us via this link: or dial 0244338919 to reach us. 

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